purchasers can decide on from, over and over again.


purchasers can decide on from, over and over again.

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On the inside, the Volkswagen CrossTouran features a variable, comfortable, and spacious interior. High quality materials, textures, and color schemes are also highlighted on the CrossTouran's overall interior feel. A host of standard and functional interior amenities is offered including practicalabercrombie & fitch storage pockets on the backs of the front seats, center armrest in front with storage box, drawers under the front seats, an additional 12-Volt outlet in the rear section of the center console. These features are also found on the VW Touran Trendline model. In addition, leather time parking brake lever handle and gearshift knob is also included in the interior package along with three-spoke steering wheel stainless steel plates, and dual-tone horn. Other interior features include climate control system (Climatic), electric window lifts, cargo covers, six airbags, RCD 300 MP3-capable radio with CD player and a speed control system, and a front passenger seat back that folds completely for stowing long cargo items.


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